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Duckuino / BadUSB / Rubber Ducky Kit

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Build your own Bad USB / Rubber Ducky.

This kit contains a

    Arduino Leonardo/Pro Micro compatible micro-controller
    USB Micro to USB A adapter

Put both together and you have a micro-controller which can emulate a keyboard mouse.
Great for automation and security researchers.

How does it work

  • Program the Arduino with a few lines of code sending keystrokes (and mouse activity) through the USB board.
  • Connect the Arduino to a computer and the keystrokes are sent quickly to the computer it is connected to
  • Use the provided Micro USB (on the Arduino side) to USB-A (on the computer) to connect - or use any other cables adapter.
  • Does not come with a case. We recommend to either 3D print yourself one or shrink wrap it. Have also done a version with just electricians tape ;-)
  • It will also work if you connect it to an Android device, however, you will need an additional adapter - not provided.

The pack comes with a

  • Arduino Leonardo/Pro Micro compatible micro-controller
  • Micro USB to USB-A adapter
  • Headers for the microcontroller

For more details on the above and instructions check YouTube and Google.