Vallejo Game Colour - 72 Basic colours Set with Plastic Case
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Vallejo Game Colour - 72 Basic colours Set with Plastic Case

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Acrylic colours in a matt and opaque, water-based formula specially designed for brush-on use. Each colour has been meticulously developed in collaboration with model painters specialising in fantasy figures and dioramas. The formulation of these colours has been developed signed taking into account that some of these figures are used in tabletop games, so Game Color is manufactured with a revolutionary new resin that offers extraordinary resistance to the damage caused by frequent handling. It is recommended to apply Game Color on a previously primed surface. The colours dry rapidly and form a homogenous and self-levelling film while preserving even the smallest detail of a miniature.

Game Color has extraordinary adherence on all grounds, such as resin, plastic, steel and white metal. Painting tools are cleaned with water.
Game Color is not flammable, and does not contain solvents. Please see also certified safety information of the product on the Safety page.

72 x 17 ml/0.57 fl oz acrylic colors

72.001 Dead White
72.002 Arctic White
72.003 Pale Flesh
72.004 Elf Skin Tone
72.005 Moon Yellow
72.006 Sun Yellow
72.007 Gold Yellow
72.008 Orange Fire
72.009 Hot Orange
72.010 Bloody Red
72.011 Gory Red
72.012 Scarlet Red
72.013 Squid Pink
72.014 Warlord Purple
72.015 Hexed Lichen
72.016 Royal Purple
72.017 Dark Blue
72.018 Stormy Blue
72.019 Night Blue
72.020 Imperial Blue
72.021 Magic Blue
72.022 Ultramarine Blue
72.023 Electric Blue
72.024 Turquoise
72.025 Foul Green
72.026 Jade Green
72.027 Scurvy Green
72.028 Dark Green
72.029 Sick Green
72.030 Goblin Green
72.031 Camouflage Green
72.032 Scorpy Green
72.033 Livery Green
72.034 Bonewhite
72.035 Dead Flesh
72.036 Bronze Fleshtone
72.037 Filthy Brown
72.038 Scrofulous Brown
72.039 Plague Brown
72.040 Leather Brown
72.041 Dwarf Skin
72.042 Parasite Brown
72.043 Beasty Brown
72.044 Dark Flesh Tone
72.045 Charred Brown
72.046 Ghost Grey
72.047 Wolf Grey
72.048 Sombre Grey
72.049 Stonewall Grey
72.050 Cold Grey
72.051 Black
72.052 Silver
72.053 Chainmail Silver
72.054 Gunmetal
72.055 Polished Gold
72.056 Glorious Gold
72.057 Bright Bronze
72.058 Brassy Brass
72.059 Hammered Copper
72.060 Tinny Tin
72.061 Khaki
72.062 Earth
72.063 Desert Yellow
72.064 Yellow Olive
72.065 Terracotta
72.066 Tan
72.067 Cayman Green
72.068 Smokey Ink
70.596 Glaze Medium
70.520 Matt Varnish
70.522 Satin Varnish
70.510 Glossy Varnish