RGB LED Controller Module for ESP-01S and WS2812
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RGB LED Controller Module for ESP-01S and WS2812

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This nifty little module is quite useful to hook-up your WS2812 based LED setup to your ESP-01S. Can also be used with ESP-01.

The module features:

  • ESP-01S socket - (ESP-01S not included)
  • VCC/GND Pin to supply your LED setup as well as ESP-01S
  • GPIO2 wired to the SIG pin for your LED rig
  • Reset button
  • Wiring harness from module to LED (VCC, GND, SIG). Bare cables (to wire to LED setup) on one side, PH2.0 connector to the module on the other.


  • Support for ESP-01S/ESP-01
  • Control Pin: GPIO2
  • Operating Voltage: DC 3.7V-5V
    Please note: The positive supply voltage VCC on the board is connected to the VCC on the WS2812 3PIN connector. If your LED Rig is 5V powered, use a DC 3.7V-5V power supply