Redgrass Everlasting Wet Palette Painter V2
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Redgrass Everlasting Wet Palette Painter V2

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The best wet palette for miniatures is back, completely transformed with many new features. This includes the incredible hydration system. World’s first reusable membrane. Incredible moisturization capacity. Thicker foams. Tightest sealing case. Painter v2 is now larger, with up to 20% more painting space than previous generations. All these features will improve your technical painting performance.

The new wider standard size redefined, and easy to store and carry. For small to medium working spaces. Size: 16.5cm x 24 cm (6.5″ x 9.44″).

  • Everlasting Wet Palette Painter v2 – Fire Red
  • 15x Painter v2 Reusable Membranes
  •  Painter v2 Hydration Foam – 3mm

Unique Product

 The Everlasting wet palette V2 from Redgrass Games is unique. Our first Everlasting wet palette was groundbreaking and inspired better painting worldwide. Listening to community feedback, The Everlasting wet palette V2 is made by painters, for painters. The Painter V2 features multiple new, patented technologies and is the best investment for your painting you can make.

New Size

 The Painter 2 wet palette has been substantially re-engineered with state-of-the-art technologies. It is sleek, light, and tough. The Painter 2 is 3cm longer than the original but more compact than the Studio XL. This allows for more painting and blending but without sacrificing your painting area. Cool, portable, but still an efficient use of space, it is perfect for taking your painting wherever you go.

Improved Sealing System

 The Everlasting wet palette V2 from Red Grass Games is revolutionary. Developed for years, it is unparalleled. The patented design makes operating easier than our old design and ensures a tighter seal. Made from a tough but flexible material, an airtight and watertight sealing system keeps your paint consistency optimal over several days but can be ready in seconds. Our customers lead busy lives, and with our product, it is easier to maximise painting time and enjoyment.

New Hydration Membrane

 The patented reusable hydration membranes by Redgrass Games are state-of-the-art innovations. They offer superior moisture control and paint consistency retention. The new membranes are proven to keep even small amounts of paint fresher for longer between painting sessions- the perfect aide for the busy miniature painter. Paints will not run, dilute or break, so you can base, layer, and highlight all on one palette. Regardless of your paint preference, such as Citadel, Vallejo, P3 or Scale 75, The Painter 2 will work. 

Reusable Hydration Membranes

 The Redgrass Games wet palette pushes efficiency to new limits, as the new one-sided membrane can be used multiple times. Testers have been able to use each membrane a minimum of 3 times and up to 10 times, sometimes more. A reusable membrane saves you money!

Using the Hydration Membrane

 The new hydration membrane is easy to use. Ensure the mould-resistant foam pad in the palette is wet, and place the hydration membrane the correct way up. Ensure no curling or bubbling when applied to the foam so that there is 100% contact between the hydration membrane and the moistened foam pad. When you finish those paints, rinse the hydration membrane under running tap water and gently wipe away any paint with your finger or a soft brush. You can dry it fast with a paper towel or let it dry naturally. Then it can be used again and again! 

New Accessories Available

 The Everlasting wet palette V2 by Redgrass Games is made with mods in mind. We’ve added the ‘Wavy’ wells attachment similar to past palettes. We also have the pot holder accessory, which can slide into The Painter 2 or Studio XL 2. Say goodbye to spills and save your ink pots! More accessories are ready for future release, so you can modify your RedgrassGames wet palette in multiple ways, depending on your preferences.