Particle Programmer Shield V1.0 for Photon - Server On The Move
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Particle Programmer Shield V1.0 for Photon

Vendor: Server On The Move
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The new and improved Programmer Shield is essentially a USB-JTAG converter that gives advanced users complete access to the Photon's memory space. It supports openOCD and the WICED SDK and is built around the FT2232H high-speed USB FIFO.

Unlike the previous Programmer Shield, it is fully standalone and requires no third-party programmers.

In addition to providing a JTAG interface, this shield can also act as a USB to Serial converter. You can also use this shield as a generic JTAG programmer for your other projects!

Designed for use with the Photon, backwards compatible with the Core.

  • Operating supply: USB
  • Compatibility: OpenOCD and WICED IDE