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Multifunctional Tester for components and IR Decoder

Vendor: Server On The Move
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This lovely little unit features a tester with automatic detection of the following components:

  • BJT - hFE, Ube, Ic, Iceo, Cut-off current, Ices, Uf
  • Diode - Forward Voltage, Diode Capacitance, Reverse Current 
  • Double Diode - Forward Voltage
  • Zener Diode - Forward Voltage, Reverse Voltage
  • MOSFET JFET - Cg, Id at Vgs, Uf
  • MOSFET IGBT - Id at Vgs, Uf
  • MOSFET - Vt, Cg, Rds, Uf
  • Thyristor - Gate Trigger Voltage
  • Triac - Gate Trigger Voltage,
  • Capacitor - Capacitance, ESR, Vloss
  • Resistor - Resistance
  • Inductor - Inductance, DC Resistance
  • Battery - Voltage, Battery Polarity

It also features an onboard IR Decoder

The data is displayed on a160x128 TFT display.

In the package:

  • LCR-T7 Tester
  • Micro USB Charging Cable
  • Testing components (e.g. capacitor, LED)
  • Probes