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Mini USB Lithium Battery 18650 3.7v Charger Module (TP4056)

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This is a Mini USB interface 3.7V lithium battery charger module using the TP4056 Li-Ion charge controller IC.
It is small size and light weight, especially useful for a single lithium battery charging.

The module can be powered, for charging, from a micro USB cable or the + and - IN connections. The power source needs to be able to provide at least 1A for the charger to correctly charge a connected battery. Most modern phone/USB chargers can provide 1A or more; refer to the label on your phone charger to verify. If you use the micro USB connection, be sure to use a USB cable that is made to carry at least 1A.

Includes two indicator LEDs. Red LED indicates charging. Blue LED indicates charge complete.

The module uses a very small amount of current (in the micro amps) whenever it is connected to a battery. It is fine to leave it connected to a battery for long periods, but if you plan to not charge the battery within four months then we recommend disconnecting the module from the battery.

NOTE: Due to the nature and characteristics of lithium-ion batteries ServerOnTheMove is not responsible or liable for any damages, malfunction, injuries, fire, burns, or any other consequences or results that may occur with incorrect or correct use of this module or any battery, device, or item this module is used with, including following or using any instructions, guidance, or direction of any kind from Addicore or others. By purchasing this product you accept the preceding.