1.3 inch OLED Display HAT Expansion Board For Raspberry Pi 2B/3B for Zero W - Server On The Move
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1.3 inch OLED Display HAT Expansion Board For Raspberry Pi 2B/3B for Zero W

Vendor: Server On The Move
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Our 1.3-inch OLED expansion board for Raspberry Pi 2B/3B/3B+/Zero/Zero W which features a HAT compatible 40-pin male header, as well as a joystick (5 positions) and three buttons.

It features a blue, 128x64 resolution OLED display driven by an SH1106 chip. It exposes 4 wire SPI, 3 wire SPI and I2C interfaces.

The display interfaces with the Raspberry through the 40-pin HAT interface. The display features a 40-pin male socket and requires for the Raspberry Pi to have a 40 pin male header soldered.

The manuals click here

Demo code can be found here


  • Driver: SH1106
  • Interface: 4-wire SPI, 3-wire SPI, I2C
  • Display colour: blue
  • Resolution: 128x64
  • Operating voltage: 3.3V


KEY1 P21 Button 1/GPIO
KEY2 P20 Button 2/GPIO
KEY3 P16 Button 3/GPIO
Joystick Up P6 Joystick Up
Joystick Down P19 Joystick Down
Joystick Left P5 Joystick Left
Joystick Right P26 Joystick Right
Joystick Press P13 Joystick Press
SCLK P11/SCLK SPI clock input
MOSI P10/MOSI SPI data input
DC P24 Data/Command selection (high for data, low for command)
CS P8/CE0 Chip selection, low active
RST P25 Reset, low active