Flashforge Creator 3 and Mosaic Palette 3 Pro

A few notes on how to get the Mosaic Palette 3 Pro (P3) and the Flashforge Creator 3 (C3) to work together.

Currently the C3 and P3 only work together in accessory mode.

This means that - using Canvas - you will slice and then upload the

  • .mafx file - via USB stick - to the Mosaic Palette 3 Pro
  • .gcode file - via USB stick or Flashforge - to the C3

The process is syncronised as the C3 pulls the filament.

These notes are work in progress, and we will keep adding bits as we discover new things.


  • When it starts up first time out of box - after Wifi is setup - it will detect a firmware, however suggest to download via USB (see Tips on USB Stick).
  • If you don't want to use USB, you can cut the power and restart. While you might have to go through network setup again, it will this time allow the download of the firmware.
  • The extruder height is 116cm
  • The Mosaic clip does not seem to be needed, however recommended as the tube from the P3P is slightly smaller outer diameter.
  • Once the P3P shows "Load Printer" - pull out the filament by hand *a little bit* to have enough length to engage the filament gear. Make sure it is in "Load Printer" mode to ensure P3P has a chance to consider the filament pulled by hand.
  • Only Accessory mode - .mafx file must be uploaded via USB - even with connected Canvas
  • Disable filament detection for both extruders if you have configured the printer in Canvas with two extruders. The print will trigger dual extruder mode in this case, even if you are only using one extruder.
  • Palette tube is connected directly into the extruder


    • Create Printer as import from other slicer (Simplify3D). Download from here.
    • Change Temperature Settings from profiles as needed
    • Extruder 1 is right extruder. Extrude 2 is left extruder (when configuring the printer).


    • The mosaic clip is not required
    • C3: Make sure that the both extruders is moved out of the way - just above the waste bucket
    • P3: Make sure that PFE tube is not inserted
    • P3: Click start and load the .mafx file from the USB drive. See "Tips -> USB Stick" if you can't see the file
    • P3: starts splicing and feeding the filament - once done a bit of filament will stick out of the palette filament tube and ask you to "Feed Extruder"
    • C3: insert that filament into the gear (remember to press down the gear lever)
    • C3: insert the PFE tube into the C3 feeder, while keeping the filament feeder pressed down
    • C3: Double check that the extruder is over the waste bin, otherwise it will extrude the filament while loading over the bed.
    • go to filament menu and load the filament - keep an eye on the p3 as it counts down - under "Stop in x mm"- the filament left to extrude on the "Load Printer" screen
    • C3: Press "Done" on Creator 3 to stop loading when P3 displays "Stop Loading"
    • Don't stress out if you miss the exact point - the P3 will compensate.
    • C3: Once the P3 displays "Start On Your Printer" - clean off the the extrusion and click "Finish"
    • P3: will display the print screen and show the progress as the C3 pulls the filament.
    • C3: Once down, purge the remaining filament by doing a filament load.

      Side Transition

      Instead of creating a wiping tower, Canvas can purge filament straight into the waste bucket by using the "Side Transition" feature.

      Printer Setup - Transition

      Below an image of the settings in Canvas when using the right extruder.

      Note: We can't upload the gcode via FlashPrint as FlashPrint will validate the code and raise an error as we are trying to move outside of the printable area.
      Only option is to upload the file via USB or SFTP/SCP into /data.

      Canvas Palette 3 Sidetransition Settings for Right Extruder


      Printer Setup - Sequence

      Next - we need to setup wipe instructions. Edit the printer settings and under "Sequences" add to the "After side transitioning" section the following GCode:

      ; -- begin wipe
      G1 X186 Y45 F0
      G1 X181 Y15 F0
      G1 X181 Y45 F0
      G1 X177 Y15 F0
      G1 X177 Y45 F0
      ; -- end wipe

      Canvas - Project Settings - Transition

      In Canvas we need to switch the transition from "Transition Tower" to "Side Transitions" and set a suitable transition length. We are currently using 110mm - this has been so far enough to purge the previous colour.

      Canvas - Project Side Transition for Mosaic Palette 3 for FlashForge Creator 3


      • USB Stick must be formatted as exFat. Note: The Mosaic USB came as Fat32 and any files copied onto the stick wasn't detected by the Palette 3 Pro.
      • I wasn't able to use the same USB stick for the FF C3 - doesn't seem to like exFat.
      • The synchronisation between the C3 and the P3 is via the filament pulled. It is important to have the extrusion calibrated on the C3.
      • For failed prints, there will be a significant length of filament in the PFE tube and P3 which will need to be removed/cleared (aka pulled out).
        At the moment we are keeping those and will explore later if they can be used for prototypes where colours don't matter.
      • Have a 7cm long PFE tube ready for splice tuning to insert into the outport of your P3P - this will remove the need to remove it to pull/clear the filament
      • Great splice tuning/trouble shooting guide here. While it is for the P2(P) it applies well to the P3(P)
      • Slice tunning settings are not always applied. Ensure to click on the colour, then the material setting and then on "Slice Settings".
        You can also check if the slice tunning settings have been applied by unzipping the .mafx file and checking the heat/compression/cooling values under "algorithms" in the palette.json file.

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